Indian idol season 13 episode 2

Episode 1 of season 13 has got many melodious contestants like Anushka Patra, Tabish, Rishi Singh, Debashmita, Sanchari Sen Gupta Navdeep Wadali, Rito Riba.

Now let's see how the day of judges and contestants goes in Episode 2. Indian Idol season 13 has started.

Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 2 begins with the lovely and bubbly Roopam Bhabharnahiya who hails from Amritsar. She is very fond of shopping, so she brought two shopping bags with her and entertained the judges a lot, won a lot of praise with the song "Ram Chahe Leela Chahe Leela Chahe Ram" from the movie Ramleela and got a golden ticket.

Indian idol season 13 episode 2 Sanjuti Das, 25, a resident of Kolkata, who has been living alone in Mumbai for the last 3 years, and has also done playback singing in Sony's serial Yashomati maiya ka nand lala, show your singing skills to the judges by singing a song like "thode badmaash ho tum thode nadan ho tum" and got a golden ticket.

Indian idol season 13 Episode 2 next contestant is Shivam Singh Shivam was called Junior Sanjeev Kumar by Himesh Reshammiya as Shivam's dressing sense and hairstyle is of 19s, Shivam's friends also call him by the name of Shivam Papa. Shivam got a golden ticket from the judges by singing the song "Ae Zindagi Gale Laga" from the movie Sadma.ngh from Vadodara.

The crowd of auditions was so much that the judges got tired of taking auditions and went out to the crowd of contestants. And from there asked one of the contestants to audition directly on the stage.

Bunty who is from Ludhiana, won the applause of the people by singing the song "Akhiyaan Udiq Diya Dil Waja Marda" and got a golden ticket from the judges. Bunty is the first contestant in the history of Indian Idol to audition in the stadium itself.

Indian idol season 13 episode 2 Bidipta Chakraborty is 17 years old from Kolkata. Bidipta is as beautiful in appearance as her singing is equally melodious. In a song like "Dil Devna Bin Sajna Ke Mane Na", he took a golden ticket directly from the judges.

Vineet Singh hails from Lucknow. Vineet started his journey in 2005 with the Sa Re Gaye Ma Pa Challenge wild entry card. Vineet got emotional while talking about himself on the show, but later managed himself and made it to the top 15 straight from the judges with the song "Mujhe Teri Mohabbat Ka Sahara Mil Gaya".

The last leg of episode 2 saw the entry of Chirag Kotwal, after a bit of fun with the judges, Chirag made it to the theatre round by singing the song "Chaudhavi Ka Chand Ho Tum" and got the golden mic.

Indian idol season 13 episode 2 contestants

NameHome town
Rupam BharnarhiaAmritsar
Senjuti Das Kolkata
Shivam Singh Vadodara
Bidipta chakarbortyKolkata
Chiraag kotwalJammu Kashmir