Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 5

In Indian Idol season 13, a crowd of 13000 people came to audition, out of which only 30 contestants were selected. The top 30 contestants got a chance to go to the theatre round, and now the top 14 will be selected.

Anushka Patra from Kolkata comes first and sings “Duniya Mein Logo ko dhoka kabhi” and impresses the judges but is asked to wait till the end.

Shivam Mitra from Gujarat sings the classical tune “Jab Deep Jale” and gets selected into the top 14 by getting the golden mic.

Bidipta Chakraborty sings the song “Gazab Ka Din” with her sweet vocals and is asked to wait for the decision at the end.

The performance that Rishi Singh of Ayodhya gave in the audition round was amazing; more than was expected from him in the theatre round, and he was successful in that too. Singing a song like "Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya" impressed the judges and the audience a lot. Himesh Reshammiya, seeing such a performance by Rishi, told him that no one could stop him from becoming the Indian Idol 13 winner, and he made a place in the top 14 directly by giving the golden mic.

Deboshmita Roy from Kolkata performs a Hindi-Bengali remix of a classic 90s song “jane kya baat hai”and impresses the judges. Deboshmita gets the golden mic from the judges.

Navdeep Wadali performs his family’s iconic style in front of the judges and gets the golden mic from the judges.

Davish and a few other participants perform in front of the judges but no one succeeds in getting the golden ticket on the spot.