Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 6

The first performance is by very bubbly girl Rupam Bharnariya, who is a shopping freak and performs amazingly on the song "Aga Bai". Neha Kakkar calls Rupam a "sherni" at the end.

Chirag kotwal, who shares his shopping trip with Rupam on the streets of Mumbai.He sings “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi” and gets complimented on his distinctive vocals.

Sanchari Sengupta amazes the judges with her beautiful vocals while Neha also praises the sarees handmade with love by Sanchari’s mother.

Sonakshi is the next contestant to grace the stage and sing “Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin” melodiously. Neha Kakkar calls Sonakshi a threat to others while HR praises her clean voice.

Vineet Singh Sing a song “is pyar ko mein kya naam du“both HR & Neha, and also makes his mother emotional with his performance.

The next contestant Senjuti Das, who hails from Kolkata and sings Shreya Ghosal’s melodious tone titled “Saathiya” and gets the golden mic.

Kavya Limaye is next and sings “jhilmilati ladkiya ye”, putting fire to the stage

Shagun Pathak, who hails from Ranchi, impressed the judges by singing the song "Bin Tere Koi Khalish Hai Hawaon mein".

Pritam Roy sing a song “kabhi noor noor kahta hu” and judges too much impressed.

To select the top 14 in Indian Idol, but suddenly, the judges had to change their format and selected the top 15, whose names are given below:

Top 15 contestant NameTop 15 contestant City
Rishi singhAyodhya
Deboshmita royKolkata
Shivam SinghGujrat
Navdeep wadaliAmritsar
Senjuti DasKolkata
Sonakshi KarKolkata
Chirag KotwalJammu & Kashmir
Bidipta ChakrabortyKolkata
Vineet singh Uttar Pradesh
Kavya Limay Gujrat
Shagun PathakRanchi
Rupam BhagnariyaAmritsar
Anushka patraKolkata
Sanchari Sen GuptaKolkata
Pritam RoyMaharashtra