Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 7

The top 15 were selected after the auditions and theater rounds of Indian Idol 13. This time on Indian Idol episode 7, Dream Debut also included celebrities from the film and music world, like: Adnan Ji, Aruna Irani, Mandakini, Ismail Darbar, Subhash Ghai, Javed Ali, and many more.

Pritam comes first to perform and sings “Yu Shabnami pahle nahin thi chandni” and gets complimented by the judges for his style.

Bidipta Chokarborati first came on stage and touched parents' feet, and then there was a fun atmosphere, Bidipt impressed everyone by singing "Tu Mera Jaanu Hai," but Subash Ghai was so impressed with Bidipt's appearance and singing that he offered to become heroin, and everyone was shocked.

Shivam comes next and sings Javed Ali’s hit song “Sri valli” and gets the chance to sing along with Javed.

Next comes Rishi Singh who sings Armaan Malik’s song “Kaise Hua” and gets complimented by Armaan himself.

Vineet comes next on the stage and sings “tum jo mil gae ho” and gets appreciation from all the guests and judges.

Next comes Chirag who sets the atmosphere into a sweet one with his song “Ishq-e-di-chashni”.

Lastly, Sanchari Sengupta comes and shocks everyone with her vocal skills while singing “Dum Maaro Dum”.

Seeing Sanchari's singing skills, everyone was shocked in his debut.