Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 8

The dream debut continues for all the cast as they keep giving thrilling performances for the eminent personalities sitting in the audience.

Today’s Indian Idol 13 starts with the continuation of the dream debut segment where the top 15 contestants perform.

Senjuti comes first to perform and sings the song "Jab Saiyaan Aye Shaam Ko" with expression and passion. All the audience members are very impressed with her performance.

Rupam performs next and sings the song "Resham Ka Rumaal", shocking the judges and the guests with her energy and talent. Neha calls her Sherni.

Next, Sonakshi comes on stage to perform and sings the song "Satyam Shivam Sundaram" after Anandji Bhaiji names her "Sonalisa" and gifts Sonakshi his smart watch.

Anushka comes to perform and makes everyone interested in her vocals with her talented skills as she sings a remix of "Ab Jo Mile He Sajna". Aruna Irani performed on stage in this song.

Deboshmita welcomes her father along with her and sings the song "Sun Sahiba Sun", enchanting everyone with her sweet vocals. Mandakini performed on stage on this song.

Next comes Navdeep, who sings the song "Tu Maane Ya Na Maane Dildara" in his style and gets the attention of all the guests and judges.

Shagun performs next, bringing a festive atmosphere while singing the song "Jo Gada Tara" and making everyone jam to it.

Lastly, Kavya comes to perform and makes the mood a bit jazzy with her singing of the song "Jata Hain Kaha,"./p>