Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 9

As the contestants prepare to compete for the top 15, the famous Anand ji from the famous Kalyan ji Anand ji duo graces the stage with his presence, accompanied by his wife, Shanti Ben Shah.

After Anand Ji, the special guest of the golden era week, and his wife sit down comfortably, Aditya says that today the top 15 contestants of Indian Idol 13 would be performing in duets.

The duet whose vocals impress the judges the most shall receive a golden coin.

Rupam Bharnahria and Shagun Pathak are the first duet group, and they sing Anand Ji’s composition "Laila O Laila." and impress the judges with their vocals.

The second duet performance comprises Vinit Singh and Sonakshi Kar singing "Tere Bina Main, Mere Bina Tu." and they receive standing applause from Vishal.

The third duet team is of Chirag Kotwal and Kavya Limaye, who sing Anand Ji’s golden song "Chandan Sa Badan." Anand Ji and all the audience liked both performances

The next duet performance is of Shivam Singh and Deboshmita Roy, singing "or is dil me kya rakha hai." It is Deboshmita’s birthday, and it gets celebrated on stage with her parents and all the 15 constants give her a golden chain gift.

Rishi Singh and Bidipta Chakraborty are the next ones to grace the stage and sing "Neele Neele Ambar."

The next duet performance is of Pritam Roy along with Senjuti Das, who brings Navratri sweets all the way from Kolkata for the judges as well as Anand Ji and his wife.

They sing the song "Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena", which makes Anand Ji shed some tears, remembering his late daughter./p>

The duet comprises Sanchari Sengupta and Anushka Patra "Are dewano mujhe pahchano." The last performance of Navdeep Wadali, accompanied by Vineet Singh, singing "akele hai chale ao." who wins the judges