Bianzhong Bianzhong is a virtual instrument features a Chinese Chime Bells – BianZhong. Bianzhong is an ancient Chinese musical instrument consisting of a set of bronze bells, played melodically. China is the earliest country to manufacture and use musical chimes. They are also called Chime Bells.These sets of chime bells were used as polyphonic musical instruments and some of these bells have been dated at between 2,000 to 3,600 years old. They were hung in a wooden frame and struck with a mallet. Using a wooden hammer and a rod to beat the bronze bell can make different pitch. Along with the stone chimes called bianqing, they were an important instrument in China's ritual and court music going back to ancient times.

The gigantic size means that it requires the coordination of several people to play it at the same time. Beating the bells with the same strength at the same place to make sure the tune and pitch are exactly the same every time they play it. That makes it hard to be learned, hard to be used in common performances like more popular instruments.