Bowed Psaltery

Bowed Psaltery The Bowed Psaltery is hand-held triangular shaped melody instrument is played with a bow. Extremely easy to play, the psaltery's haunting, ethereal tone is used effectively with chordal instruments or in solo playing. The psaltery is played by drawing the bow along the right side of the instrument for the 'white keys of the piano' bowing between the posts. The sharps and flats are on the left side of the instrument. Bowing is done in an up and down motion playing only one tone at a time. It is a primarily a melody instrument although there are players who play with two bows allowing some chords. The instrument must be self supported to accomplish this feat.

Play this instrument with a bow along each edge to produce sweet melodies. Each string is a different note, played separately, with all the natural notes on the right side and the sharps/flats along the left. Very simple to learn.