Chapey Chapey (A Cambodian two-stringed, long-necked guitar) is used in Arak and Pleng Ka orchestras. Moreover, it is also performed solo instruments accompaniment of poetry, narrated folk stories, vocal duets of an argumentative style and riddle telling. Due to this special feature of the instrument which has brought it great popularity from early times right up to today and its music has been delighted by the Khmer people for many generations.

Chapei Dong Veng has a long neck made of “Krasang” wood which can be steamed and bent. The body (sound box) is made of “Reang wood or Beng wood”, which is square with rounded corners. Some shaped liked a “Sloek Por” or a boddhisatva leaf and some like a pineapple and some like a pagoda Semaa (council/bulbous carving). While the face of the body should be made from the Khtom tree. The “toad” or “Sticking point” (tailpiece) is made from the Thnung tree, the frets are made from bone or heartwood, the pegs from neang nuen or popool thma wood and the strings are silk; As the rhyme goes: “the body is Reang, the neck is Kresang, the face is Khtom, the toad is Thnung, and the frets are bone”.