Cuatro The Venezuelan cuatro has its origins in Europe. The history of this wonderful instrument starts many centuries ago with the expansion of the popularity of the Spanish Guitar, an instrument that used to have 4 strings. The Spanish Guitar traveled to South America and was transformed in many different instruments that now are part of the folk music for many of the Latin American Countries.

Besides the Spanish Guitar, there are also many similar instruments throughout history, like in Egipt or some European and African countries that also have used 4 stringed musical instruments. As an example, Brazil has a 4 stringed musical instrument called Cavaquinho, which comes from the Portuguese Cavaco

The arrival of the Cuatro to South America comes with the Spanish conquers, bringing their musical instruments to the region, including the Spanish Guitar, which disappeared or was transformed into a 6 string guitar in Europe but remained with its original 4 strings in America. The history of the Cuatro Instrument doesn’t cease to amaze historians and musicians together, as the instrument had a very particular evolution, a bit different from other cousin instruments from different parts of South America, like the Brazilian Cavaquinho.