Danso Danso, a small and notched vertical flute, is a little shorter than tungso and is played vertically.

here is no record on danso in the mid-Joseon period and neither in Akhakgwebeom. It dates back to the end of the Joseon period. It sounds clear. It is used as a solo instrument for Cheongseonggok, a duet with yanggeum for Heoncheonsu or for Yeongsanghoesang in julpungryu.

There is a blowing tongue with tone-regulating 4 finger holes and one finger hole at the back, about 2.4 cm away from the blowing tongue. The 5th finger hole is not used.

The Danso is a vertical bamboo flute with a clear and elegant tone. It is small and easy to carry. Korean students learn how to play Danso from the 5th grade in the elementary school.