Dilli Kaval

Dilli Kaval The dilli kaval also known as Tütək in the Azerbaijani language is a traditional end-blown flute. It is mostly played by the people of Turkey and Azerbaijan. They are produced from plum, abony or could come from apricot wood. The high pitch dilli kaval in C and the alto version in A are all handmade.

The two types were produced by Burhan Tarlabasi. The 12 chromatic tones from low A to high G# can be played on the instrument. The custom made ebony-reed kavals in C# and F# that was also designed by Burhan Tarlabasi are very infrequent. The sound produced by the musical instrument is very distinct and is similar to the sound produced from a tin whistles, although the wood adds a breathy softness to it.

The Woodwind Instruments Are Made In Turkey, One Of Our Professional Makers Has Been Making Since Years.