Double Contrabass Flute

Double Contrabass Flute The double contrabass flute has become a common part of full orchestras in recent years, having been born of a need for an instrument with a lower range. A normal bass flute has a range one octave below a normal flute, but the double contrabass flute has a range that is three octaves lower than the flute. In terms of dimensions, it is 5m long, weighs 12kg, and the inner diameter of its pipe is 78.4mm.

This flute is also referred to as the octobass flute and is considered as the world’s biggest metal flute and with the lowest pitch as well. We know that the hyperbass is bigger and has a lower pitch, but it is not made out of metal, instead PVC pipes and wood are used.

The double contrabass flute is 8 feet tall, has tubing of up to 22 feet and weighs about 30 pounds. This means that this giant of an instrument easily outsizes most of its counterparts. Excluding the hyperbass flute, some of its closest opponents with regard to size and pitch, include the contrabass and the sub-contrabass flute that feature 9 feet and 11 feet of tubing respectively.