PhinThe Phin is a type of lute with a pear-shaped body, originating in the Isarn region of Thailand and played mostly by ethnic Laotians in Thailand and Laos. It has frets on the neck over which two or three metal strings run that are plucked by a pick held in the right hand while playing.

This type of instrument has been used in modern Thai music groups, the Phin is a guitar-like instrument, based on the Thai Sueng. Phin is a folk instrument of the Isan region. That is unique, conveying fun and can play harmoniously with international music.

The phin from the northeastern, Isan region of Thailand was traditionally used as vocal accompaniment and for courtship. Today, it is electrically amplified and played with distortion. A type of northeastern lute with a pear-shaped body having flets on the neck and over which two-three