Saw Sam Sai

Saw Sam SaiSaw sam-sai (Three strings-fiddle), a traditional instrument of Thailand, has an extraordinary appearance as well as a remarkable sound. Its construction process requires distinctive materials and a thorough method of craftsmanship. Saw sam-sai has its role in the royal court, serving in the royal ceremonies since the ancient times. Later, its role has expanded to a solo instrument.

According to the roles and a long heritage of Saw sam-sai, the research aims to create a recording of significant repertoires functioning in the prominent ceremonies for the purpose of preservation. The repertoire selected for recording are drawn from both the royal court and aristocracy repertoires. The recording procedure was done professionally with sound recording experts. The soloist for this recording is the researcher, who has inherited the traditional performance practice of Saw sam-sai.

Accompanying the recording are music scores in western notation that are transcriptions of the performance and a book, Seang sa-nau saw sam-sai, and its English translation. The book provides the history and background of Saw sam-sai in Thailand and the analysis of the repertoires. The result of the research and its performance has been presented in an academic conference to make the heritage of Saw sam-sai known to the public.