Schrammel Gitarre

Schrammel GitarreTraditional "Kontragitarre" is played in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld's hometown and is a major part of local "Schrammel Music". The "Kontragitarre Bass" strings emphasize the soft sound of this instrument. These strings are round-wound with silverplated copper wire of highest quality and employ a nylon core.

The enduring popularity of the Schrammel Brothers Quartet is perhaps down to the group’s infusion of musical styles. Heavily influenced by the Hungarian folk genre, the Schrammel brothers pioneered a new sound in the Austrian folk tradition which blended the rhythm and sound of the Viennese dance hall with the melancholy and poignancy of working-class folk ballads – creating a distinct sound that was both rhythmic and upbeat, but infused with themes of wistful melancholia, longing, and unrequited love.