TanpuraTaanpura (or tanpura ) is an indian instrument is an stringed Indian music instrument. In carnatic music it is known as tambura. In this post we talk about need of tanpura, its construction, tuning and recommendation on electronics tanpura or shruti box.

In Hindustani Music, the notes (sur) are not fixed and are relative to each other. This means that you can identify any note as Sa and then the next higher note automatically becomes Re. Therefore, taanpura is to used to create the tones for that base sur called adharaswara.

Indian tanpura is supposed to have come in its modern shape around 500 years ago when it started featuring in paintings of that era. As per one theory, the name tanpura is derived from sanskrit word taana, referring to a musical phrase and pura means full.

Taanpura is made from a special variety of dried gourd grown in Pandharpur area of Maharashtra. Tanpura is usually made of teak or tun (red cedar).