Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 1

India's biggest singing talent show returns with its new season 13, along with Neha Kakkar Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani.

Indian Idol Season 13 Episode 1 The start of the show was very smooth, the first contestant of the show Anushka Patra sang "O Meri Jaan Maine Kaha" with full confidence in front of the judges, but surprised the judges in both male and female voices, and got the golden ticket by the judges.

There were also many such people in the show who sang to zero but their anger also broke out when the judges said no

After a long time, pass, it was Tabish's turn, he could not please the judges with his performance in the song "Main Tenu Samjhawa Ki" and went out, but after being bowled out, he hit the box and the judges got a long sound of the same song felt surprised the judges and got the golden ticket.

Indian idol season 13 episode 1 Rishi Raj, who came from Ayodhya, brought with him a lot of faith and the offerings of Hanuman Gadi for the judges, stunned the judges by singing a western song like "Tu Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Mera". He was given the golden mic.

Indian idol season 13 episode 1 the next contestant, Debosmita, a resident of Kolkata, came wearing a beautiful Madhubani painted saree made by her mother's hand, impressed the judges with her look, and later sang a beautiful song like "Roz Roz Aankhon Tale" directly by the judges. Received the Golden Mic.

Navdeep Wadali, a resident of Amritsar, who is the grandson of Purna Singh Wadali. He performed "Sajna yaad sataye" with harmonium, Vishal Dadlani took off his shoes and bowed to him. and got the golden mic by the judges.

Sanchari Sen Gupta also showed her singing skills and won the hearts of the judges by singing a song like "Muskaan Jhooti Hai" and won the Golden Ticket.

Rito Riba, who came from Arunachal Pradesh, was describing Indian Idol as scripted in social media, the same judges gave him a chance to sing, made the judges happy by singing a song composed by him and became eligible for a golden ticket

Indian Idol season 13 episode 1 contestant

This is the contestant who showed amazing talent in the first episode of Indian Idol season 13.

Anushka Patra
Rishi RajAyodhya
Navdeep WadaliAmritsar
Sanchari Sen Gupta
Rito RibaArunachal Pradesh