Daf The Daf is a certain type of frame drum that is widespread all over the orient. Historically, the Daf is often associated with Sufi ceremonies and rituals. Nowadays the sound of this special percussion instrument can be heard all over Middle Eastern and oriental music. The popularity of the drum has increased, so you can find it in different countries like Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Central Asia, Kurdistan and South-Eastern Europe.

The persian daf is one of the ancient musical instrument in Iran and neighboring countries.They have strong and dramatic sound with a simple structure and used both in spiritual rituals and entertainment gatherings. Daf instrument is known as one of the oldest frame drums from the ancient history of Asia and Africa. In Sufi culture, they use daf for spiritual chanting and Iranian musicians integrated that successfully in Persian music. The player usually holds the persian daf with left hand (for right handed players). Persian daf has four main techniques. Using these four techniques, all different rhythms and sounds can be produced on Daf. The right hand techniques are called “Tom” and “Bak” and left hand techniques are called “Chap” and “Zanjir”. In Iran, Sufis use persian daf during their Zikr rituals (spiritual chanting); in recent years Iranian musicians have successfully integrated it into Persian music.