Kecapi Makassar

Kecapi Makassar Kacaping is one of the traditional musical instruments that come from the Bugis tribe. It looks similar to the common Kecapi in Indonesia which you should play by picking it up the string properly. People usually play Kacaping with some singer so that it is perfect to hear. You can find these instruments in some important even in South Sulawesi.

TThe five to six finger posts are big and high and directly carved out of the body of the lute, which is shaped like the body of the famous Pinisi boats of the Kajang people. The two strings are tuned either unisono, or in a fourth or fifth, depending on the music performed (Bugis, Makassar or Mandar). The lute is rarely played solo, it supports the "elong" or "kelong" songs, often by doubling the meter of the singing in unisono. The Kecapi of the Mandar people are called "Kacaping" and are much more ornamented and bigger than the Bugis and Makssar Kecapi.