Bo Bo is the generic name for pairs of cymbals that come in a variety of sizes, all with rims that curl upward at the edges. Bo are used together with gongs and drums for military music and play a prominent role in opera productions, where they accent the actors' movements. Several playing techniques may be employed: the discs may be clashed together or held horizontally, with one raking across the other to produce a sustained rolling sound.

Bo, were already popularized in China around AD 516 - AD 528. It is commonly remembered as two circular discs with red-ribbon handles attached, and its role in operas, folk songs and religious processions is irreplaceable.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one from nineteenth century China. Both parts have a diameter of 56.5 centimeters. The cymbal in the rock drumset China cymbals may be based on the bo, but is hit with a drumstick instead.