Bata Drum

Bata Drum Bata drums originated in Nigeria over 500 years ago and were primarily used for religious purposes. The drums were introduced into Cuba by slaves in the 1820's. Pearl Batas are modeled after an ancient Cuban design and feature naturally finished 100% Thai Oak shells for outstanding and authentic tone. Polished steel traditional rims offer excellent tuning integrity and ease of tuning. These prized ceremonial drums have an hourglass shape and produce a great, warm tone similar to a bongo-like sound on the high drum and a djembe-like tone on the large drum.

The batá drums and their music have survived for over 500 years, traveling from the land of the Yorùbá in Nigeria to Cuba to the United States and beyond. Their story is a testament to the power and depth of the religion and culture of which they are an important part. To tell the story of the batá drums we need to talk about religion and culture because the batá are not merely a musical instrument, and what they play is not simply music in the popular Western sense.

Batá drumming is an important part of this religious practice, which has made its way from Cuba to the United States, especially Miami, New York, L.A. and San Francisco. The religion recognizes a creator god, along with a number of deities that represent various forces of nature (like lightning) or principles (such as war or love). These deities, including Elegguá, Ogún, Shangó, Yemayá, and others, are called orishas.