TingshaTingsha are cymbals which are used by people of the Tibetan Buddhist faith. These cymbals may be rung as part of rituals and ceremonies, and they are also used during prayer and meditation.

These cymbals are always used in pairs. They are heavier than Western and Middle Eastern cymbals, and they are joined by a length of leather or chain. To play tingsha, someone strikes one cymbal against the other, generating a penetrating ringing noise. When not in use, the cymbals are usually stored in a protective pouch or case to prevent corrosion.

Tibetan Buddhists have been making tingsha for centuries, using metal alloys with a large amount of bronze to create a prolonged clear tone. The sustained note of a tingsha chime is one of the more distinctive features of these cymbals; tingsha can ring for several minutes when they are of high quality and they are manipulated well. Sometimes, tingsha are coated with metals like silver, gold, and copper to create a distinctive appearance and tone.