Diple The Diple is a double clarinet with two pipes bored in one piece of wood. Each has its own reed. The diple can produce two notes at once, almost like two musicians playing wind instruments together. Shepherds, in the region formerly called Yugoslavia, use the diple to signal each other. It is also played at dances and weddings.

The diple originated as the chanter of a bagpipe in Bosnia and Hercegovina in the Balkans, where it is still played by shepherds, and during village celebrations, such as dances and weddings.

The term "diple" is also used to describe a simple bagpipe from the same part of the world. Players of the bagpipe version sometimes sing to their own accompaniment, blowing into the bag between verses.

Diple, is a traditional woodwind musical instrument originating in the Adriatic Littoral. It is played in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Serbia