China Cymbal

China Cymbal Chinese cymbals are an integral part of Chinese percussion instruments as well as the Chinese orchestra. They produce a tone and timbre unique from western cymbals. There are different types and sizes and each produce a different tone and pitch.

The Chinese cymbal (or "china") comes from immemorial times and was integrated from the beginning into the modern drumset (imported from China, they had a prominent central dome, to take them in hand (see photo below)) but fell little into disuse with the advent of the "splash" cymbal in the 1930s. This is a cymbal which edges are curved, which increases its speed of crash and resonance. We find it today in all kinds of size and finish (from 10 to 22'' in diameter).

A bit like the "splashes", the Chinese cymbal can be almost only played in saturation, but its exceptional speed of extinction of its resonance, allows it to be played distinctively for "riding". The sound resulting is dark, dull, dry and powerful, "explosive", highly appreciated by Jazz-Rock and Metal drummers, who love the expression of violence.