Langeleik The langeleik is a stringed musical instrument that originated from Norway. Among the several mountains and valleys of Norway, the only areas where the langeleik instrument has a living tradition were the Vardal and Valdres. Most commonly, the langeleik was used for domestic rural music until the 19th century. Afterward, when the use of this instrument became widespread, a significant number of the langeleik can be found in Telemark and Oppland, Norway.

This Norwegian chordophone droned zither-plucked has about eight drone strings and one melody string. Under the langeleik’ s melody strings are its seven frets that formed diatonic major scales per octave. Meanwhile, its drone strings are tuned in a set of three notes, called a triad. This instrument, also known as langeleik, is tuned to an A, although the significant C key is used as if it is tuned in the key of C. This is to simplify both reading and writing to avoid the use of accidentals, a note pitch that is not a member of the scale.

Moreover, since the langeleik cannot play the twelve-tone scale and cannot be tuned in to other pitches, its ability is limited to play along with other instruments. As well as that, its ability to play more complex music is also limited. However, despite that, the tone melody and drone strings of the langeleik gives it a unique rich sound.