Bazooka The bazooka is a brass musical instrument that is several feet in length that has telescopic tubing like a trombone, but the bazooka resembles a vuvuzela. The radio comedian Bob Burns invented the bazooka in 1910 but it wasn’t popular until the 1930s when, many jazz musicians played the bazooka. From its start with a lipreed mouthpiece - which may consist of nothing but a bare tube or employ a mouthpiece which is handmade to emulate one from a low brass instrument - the air column expands into a wide length of pipe that slides freely around a narrower length of pipe, which, in turn, terminates the wildly flaring bell.

During World War II, the name "bazooka", derived from the musical instrument, was applied to a new anti-tank weapon. The bazooka has sometimes been confused with a different novelty instrument, the kazoo; kazoos have sometimes been referred to as "bazookas", especially in British English. The bazooka was also played by jazz musician Noone Johnson.