Bandolin The bandolin is a 15-stringed musical instrument in Ecuador. It is used as a rhythm and melody instrument in the Andean region of Ecuador during festivals where dancing and music are involved. It has a flat back and 15 strings in triple courses.

In the Andean region of Ecuador, the bandolin is used during the celebration of the feasts of San Juan and San Pedro, along with several other instruments including: twin flutes, guitars, violins, quenas, a drum, a charango, a rondador, and a harmonica. The music and dance that characterize the festival is called a sanjuanito. The bandolines and the guitars mark the 2/4 tempo of the sanjuanito rhythm, which is accentuated by the bombo, and the quenas, rondador, and violins carry the melody.

In Trinidad, the bandolin is a string instrument with a rounded back and four courses of steel strings. It is similar to the mandolin, except the Trinidadian mandolin has a flat back, and the two are generally though not totally considered to be separate instruments. It is also seen as distinct from the Trinidadian bandol. It is used in Trinidad's parang music.