RyutekiRyuteki flute is a wind instrument used in the performance of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music). It is counted among Fukimono (wind instruments of the court music of Japan).

Ryuteki flute is a transverse flute made of a bamboo tube with 'Utaguchi' (mouthpiece) and seven tone holes. Ryuteki flute is also believed to be a prototype and origin of all Japanese transverse flutes, such as flutes used in Noh hayashi (percussion ensemble) and shino-bue (Japanese bamboo flute).

The name of Ryuteki flute (literally means a dragon flute) is derived from its tone, which is compared to 'a roar of the rising dragon,' sounding as if there is no barrier between the lowest pitch and the highest pitch

It is believed that Ryuteki flute was exported via the Silk Road to become the prototype of flute in Europe.