TobshuurTobshuur - 2 stringed , skinned instrument made 4-foot long spoon-alike nomad tool airag making, popular in oirat territories.topshur has 2 types of heads ie ibex head , swan head (khun khets tovshuur.

Most of these instruments had been modified during the 1940s and 1960, for standardization during the communist period in Mongolia and the time after the cultural revolution in China. That means many instruments have a "modernized" shape, different materials, changed construction details. The traditional shape and the modernized shape is often mentioned in the detail articles. Examples: The traditional morin khuur had mostly a skinned top and bottom, and sound holes at the sides. It was modernized in creating a wooden sound box, F holes and the soundpost. The traditional Yatga had about 8-13 strings, which survived in Korea Kayaegum but the modernized shape has 21 Strings China, Gu Zheng or 23 Strings Korea Mostly all strings of the bowed instruments were made from horse hair, and the plucked instruments had silk or gut strings. Nowadays only the bows have horse hair, but the strings are made from nylon Morin Khuur, other bowed instruments or steel.