Handchime A hand held musical instrument is capable of emitting sound through the combination of three elements: a hollow tube, a striking member, and a hinge to secure the striking member to the tube. The hollow tube is constructed of an ergonomic shape that allows easy and fatigue-free grasping. For low notes, the slots on the resonating end of the hollow tube are multiple-sized to eliminate buzzing. The clapper is attached to the hollow tube through a combination of a stainless steel axle, polymer bearings and adjustable tensioning screws.

This combination improves the durability of the instrument yet still allows the musician to adjust the strike fell. The invention also provides improvements in the clapper heads for both low note and middle and high note handchimes. For low notes, the clapper head is constructed of multiple layers that optimize sound quality. For middle or high notes, the rubber clapper head provides multiple settings which allows the musician to easily and precisely adjust the timbre setting.