Tiple Colombiano Requinto

Tiple Colombiano RequintoThe Colombian tiple is a small plucked string musical instrument that belongs to the family of guitar typical of Colombia. Here it is often played as an accompanying musical instrument to the guitar or as a primary instrument. This musical instrument can also be referred to as the ‘Tiplecolombiano’.

The word tiple denotes an acute sound treble according to RAE. And it defines tiple as guitars of very acute sound, in other words is contradictory as the modern day tiple cannot be categorized as a musical instrument of acute sound. The word tiple is also said to be the Spanish word for treble.

The musical instrument is used in Colombia and a little is known about the beginnings of the musical instrument. The first account of the musical instrument exist in an article published in by José Caicedo Rojas in 1849; in it he narrates a story that takes place in Chitaraque near San Gil, Satander; about the soldiers that left the military after they became disappointed during a night party. He also describes the tiple in the story and how the musical instrument was used to sing coplas.