Harp Guitar

Harp Guitar Harp guitars come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They do have however, a common defining element. In addition to the fretted neck strings, there are additional strings which are not fretted, i.e. floating. These strings can be attached in a variety of ways, and are typically plucked with the thumb or fingers.

Throughout history, musicians and instrument makers have turned to technology to find solutions to their musical problems. Three hundred years ago, adding floating strings to a fretted instrument was an appropriate solution for musicians who wanted to increase the bass range of their guitar to achieve their musical goals.

Known today as “harp guitars,” these instruments traveled through time, crossed continents and oceans, fell in and out of popularity, and defied standardization. Ironically, in today's world of advanced technology and endless multi-string guitar options, harp guitars are technically no longer necessary; however, their popularity is on the rise.