Mute Cornett

Mute Cornett The mute cornett is another variety of the zink or cornett. It was favored in Germany and was constructed as a straight, tapered, one-piece instrument which was turned on a lathe. Instead of having a detachable mouthpiece, a tiny conical recess was cut into the top to serve as the mouthpiece. There are holes in the body for fingering similar to recorders. The narrow bore of the mute cornett gave it an exquisitely soft sound and made it ideal in consorts with recorders, lutes, and viols.

Made from a single piece of wood, with the mouthpiece turned into the end of the instrument. The sound is very soft and warm. Treble instruments are based on originals in Vienna and Altos on those in Leipzig. I also offer an alto instrument with a key for low F as suggested by Preatorius. This is based on my Leipzig model with the turning inspired by MI 92 in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum.