RiqThe riq instrument is a type of tambourine used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. The Riq instrument is an important instrument throughout the Arab speaking world as well as countries such as Greece. The riq instrument is used in folk music in the Middle-Eastern countries, Turkey and Greece. It commonly accompanies the popular middle eastern hand drum the Darbukah.

Riq is a tempo percussion instrument in Turkish Music. Various forms of tambourine, which is a kind of open drum, are also found in ancient tribes. It passed from the Arabs to Europe via Spain and was called tambour de basque. He also entered the orchestra. In Turkish music, it is in the hands of the head of the fasil ser hanende or a few hanendes. The method is kept with finger strokes. With each beat, 8 pairs of small bells of fine brass on the hoop strike the circle and resonate.

European nations named this musical instrument, which they saw from the Arabs, "tambour" or "basque" in their own language. The process of spreading from the Arabs started with the Spaniards bringing this tool to Europe.