Ney The Ney ( Nay, Nai, Nye) is an ancient musical instrument that has been played for 4500-5000 years. Although it is as old as the pyramids in Eygpt; it is still in use. The Ney is made of reed and is an end-blown flute which has a simple, long body with finger holes on it. The name Ney is an ancient word for reed in Persian and is made of piece of reed.

The oldest finding of this instrument, which is thought to have been used in the Sumerian society since 5000 BC, is the ney that was exhibited at the Phledelphia University Museum in America from the 2800-3000 BC. It is thought that the instrument was used in religious ceremonies in those periods. Another form of ney. It is a double pipe whistle used in China in the 1249s BC. Today, this instrument is still used around Turkestan.