Calung Calung is one of the traditional musical instruments of Indonesia is obtained from the residents of West Java. Calung is almost angklung as a Musical Instrument. How to play the trunk of a bamboo tube segments beat them to the pentatonic (da-mi-na-ti-la) are arranged. to make kinds of bamboo Calung usually made of black bamboo, but some are made of bamboo awi white Calung made. Calung a traditional Musical Instrument from West Java, Calung consists of two types of Calung Rantay and Calung Jinjing.

A calung is a bamboo tube xylophone that is used in Sundanese music of the West Java. The musical instrument is often played by three men or more.

Calung Rantay - Ity chain bar parallel tubes Musical Instrument with hibiscus strap (lulub) from the largest to the smallest, number 7 or more compounds of bamboo. The composition of the figure, and there are two rows of women and children performing and performing / performing rincik.

Calung Jinjing - like bamboo launched, Musical Instrument with small bamboo leaves (paniir). Calung Jinjing consists of four or five, as calung Kings (consisting of 12 bamboo pipes), panepas calung (5/3 and two bamboo tubes), calung jinjiong (5/3 and two bamboo tubes) and skin Calung (2 tubes bamboo). Calung integrity in its development, there are currently only used calung Kings fruit, fruit panempas two calung and rind, without using Calung jinjiong.