Bugarija The bugarija is similar to a guitar, but usually with three (double chorus) or four strings only. The bugarija is a typical back-up instrument, which comps and mostly plays only the “contra” (response stroke) to the berde. It is the only instrument of the orchestra which plays chords. The Bugarija plays the chords and keeps the rhythmn just like a guitar. It Strums and sometimes tremolo's the chords.

The bugarija, a chordophone instrument of the long-necked lute type, which occupied an important place in the lives and customs of the Bosnia-Hercegovinian village population throughout the 20th century. Particular attention is paid to the classification of this instrument, the terminology, ergology, instrument building technology, characteristics of the tone relations, playing techniques, repertoire and performance occasions, and the instruments diffusion on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are very few bugarija musicians and builders active today, so that it is probably only a question of time that the instrument will become merely a part of the past, similarly to many other folk instruments.