Ghaychak Ghaychak is a string- archery instrument like kamancheh, with the difference that it has a large bowl the same as the Tar and a short woody handle that musician places it vertically on the ground and moves the bow horizontally.

Ghaychak is a popular instrument in Afghanistan which can be compared with violin in terms of the function and power of performing various songs. The other name of this instrument is “ghezh” or “gheyzhak” which is also called “ghonchak” in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The bowl is made of walnut or blackberry wood and its strings are metal. This instrument is very old and it is widely used in Iranian folk music. The bowl consists of two separate parts; the lower part is smaller and is like a hemisphere, over which a skin membrane of sheep or deer spread and a bridge is set on it.

The upper part is larger, like an umbrella over the lower part, and both parts are connected from back side by a curved surface. As a result there is a hole in front or between the two parts. Ghaycek is mostly poular in southeast of Iran, especially Sistan-Baluchestan and Hormozgan provinces; they believe that its sound can treat diseases.