Glass Harp

Glass Harp This glass harp is excellent both for learning to play and for concert performance. It consists of 30 stemmed glasses arranged in three rows, and its scale is 2 and a half octaves. The glasses themselves were handblown in a glassworks according to our individual design. We also paid careful attention to achieving the best shape of goblet for musical purposes and an appropriate composition of the glass itself. All the glasses are the same shape, they only differ in size and thickness of the glass.

From thousands of ordered glasses, we first select those which are pleasant to the ear. From this selection, we then choose glasses of particular sound frequencies. The last stage is to match the glasses to the harmony of one particular instrument. All the glass goblets are precisely tuned thanks to careful selection, and in some cases as a result of precision grinding of the glass. The polishing which finishes the tuning is exceptionally time-consuming but, as a result, evidence of the glass production process becomes almost invisible.