Fujara Among the great flutes of the world stands the gentle ‘Fujara’, (pronounced ‘Fuyara’), Slovakia’s national instrument.

Originally a shepherd’s flute, the piercing, sweet strains of this instrument resound with a simplicity, a yearning and a spirit of liberation. The melody, which resembles north and south Indian folk tunes, make the listener realise the beauty in simplicity, especially in contrast to complex sounds from instruments of different countries.

The fujara’s music is therapeutic as it relaxes the nerves of the listener, often creating a gentle, sleepy trance. The fairytale expanse of Slovak’s corn fields, the quaint village scapes and the lush vineyards offer silent accompaniment to the fujara.

The fujara is not just a musical instrument but a one-of-its kind artefact with intricate indigenous designs and colours decorating its exterior. Apart from the innumerable solo folk masters of this instrument and even ensembles that perform at village festivals and cities such as the capital Bratislava and Kosice, the fujara has also entered Slovakia’s concert scene and even some popular bands. It was put on the UNESCO list of ‘Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ in 2005.