Masenqo The Masenqo from Ethiopia is a box shaped instrument with a handle. It is used for the solo performance since 18th century. Four pieces of wood are used to form the rhombus shape. It is covered with goat skin and has a string made from horse mane hair passing a high bridge. This string is touched smoothly while being played, not pressed. This instrument can be played both by standing and by sitting and its tuner part is put in the axilla. Masenqo has various types in different areas depending on its shape. Its biggest version is played by the Tigre people, the medium size by the Amhara people and the smallest one is played by the Oromo people.

Horse hair, rawhide and wood. These three things predominately make the beautiful one stringed lute that is the Masenqo. Tuned with the protruding wooden peg at the top, this instrument is played with a bow much like a cello or violin. Its simple construction lends for smooth harmony with the powerful Amharic voice.