ShurangizShourangiz is a very exotic oriental string instrument. If you’re looking for a special and different instrument to reflect your feelings through music, shourangiz might be the one. It has already been drawing musicians’ attention from all over the world who seeks an exciting adventure to discover.

Shourangiz (also known as shurangiz) is a plucked string instrument from Iran. It is a member of lute family. It is a rather newly invented instrument based on setar and tar by Hossain Alizade; a very well- known musician who is mastered setar and tar.

It has a bigger body than setar and completely made out of wood, except for its soundboard has a skin part which inspired by the tar. Shourangiz is a very meaningful word in Farsi. It means “excitement, passion” and it is possible to hear that passion on this beautiful instrument’s strings. The mellowness and volume of this instrument’s sound comes from the combination of animal skin and wood is considered as shourangiz’s trade mark character.