Cocktail Drum

Cocktail Drum Cocktail drum kit or sets are wonderfully strange contraptions. Not only do they look unusual, but they usually require drummers to stand up while playing them, balancing on one leg to work the kick pedal. On the plus side, playing gigs like this could be a great way to lose a few pounds! Maybe that’s how Slim Jim Phantom from Stray Cats got the nickname “Slim.”

Cocktail drum sets are an easy fix for a small spaces. They are convenient for smaller bands and for drummers that want a kit that’s easy to set up and pack down.

Cocktail drum kits were very fashionable in the past, and hence the name, they were popular in jazz bars and cocktail lounges. They were invented as a practical solution to help accommodate drummers into small spaces.

A cocktail drum set is made up of various drums, cymbals, hardware, and percussion items much like a conventional drum set. A cocktail drum set, however, features much smaller components and is designed to be played standing up.