Guitarron Mexicano

Guitarron Mexicano A 6-stringed, deep-bodied bass guitar, normally tuned A D G C E A with three upper overwound nylon strings and three overwound metal strings. Beginning in the early 20th century, the guitarron has held a prominent role in Mariachi ensembles, replacing the less-portable harp and providing the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the music. This guitarron has a simple rosette of inlaid, painted wood, as well as an inlaid border around the edges of the soundboard, also a painted wood inlay. The bowed back and soundboard are constructed from two pieces of wood, with the soundboard made from cedar.

“Guitarrón” may sound a lot like the word “guitar,” but the two instruments are quite a bit different. They both have six strings, but the guitarrón is much larger. It also has a deep, v-shaped back. This allows the guitarrón to make a deeper, louder sound than a guitar.

The guitarrón is most commonly found in mariachi bands. But it’s been played in more non-traditional settings, as well. Randy Meisner, of The Eagles, played the guitarrón in the band’s 1976 song “New Kid in Town.” The instrument is also a favorite of Simon Edwards of the 1980s British band Fairground Attraction.