Fyell The fyell brezi is traditionally hand-crafted out of wood. The wood traditionally used was the inner-most section of the trunk of a Fir tree, as it is the most common type of wood found in Albania. Today it is crafted from any accessible wood source. It consists of 6 holes in the front and has a sharp edge at the upper end of the tube. The sharp edge allows the flutists breath to escape, giving the instrument a different tone from most common end-blown flutes. The instrument was most commonly used among shepherds who played it while tending to their flocks. It is regarded as one of the oldest instruments of Albanian folklore. It is also frequently used in folk music and accompanies traditional Albanian festivities and songs.

The fyell brezi, also known as fyell shoke or fyell bariu is an aerophone end-blown instrument traditionally played throughout Albania and other Albanian inhabited lands.