Jakhay The jakhay is an instrument that is also used in other countries of South East Asia. Alternative spellings are jakae or jakhae. In Cambodia it is usually called takhe, or charakhe or krapeu. In Burma it is called mi-gyaung. Originally it was carved to resemble a crocodile, now it is more a stylized panhandle.

The jakhay is made from one huge piece of hardwood, carved in the right shape and the back/bottom hollowed out. The bottom (the soundboard) is made from a softer wood, and has (roughly drilled) soundholes in it. It has 3 rounded short legs screwed into the soundboard.

Playing is by resting the jakhay on the floor, with the player sitting cross-legged behind it. The right hand uses a pen-like plectrum with some decoration on the top, and the left hand presses down the strings behind the frets. The sound is not very pleasing to western ears.